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Thunderbird has all together 2 important restuarants and one bar:

Salsa's Bar and Grill: Located on the corner of Benavides and Alcanflores in Miraflores, inside Fiesta Casino. Salsa’s Bar & Grill is restaurant unique in its kind and spans across 3 floors, offering loads of entertainment with more than 144 plasma TVs.

Café 21: Located in the lobby of Hotel Pardo is the classic Café 21. It is located on Pardo Avenue with General Borgoño in Miraflores. This restaurant offers a delicious menu of Mediterranean fusion with a classic atmosphere. Café 21 is also an ideal place for coffee and/or business meetings.

Restaurante Alameda: Located in Hotel Carrera. This restaurant offers a menu that is a fusion of Peruvian-International.

Central Reservation: (511) 616-3141
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