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At Café 21 you will find a lively and modern atmosphere where you can enjoy national and international specialties, as well as a beautiful view of the Pardo avenue.

Capacidad: 100 PAX
Facilidades para discapacitados: NO
Precio descorche : S/. 35.00 (VINO)
S/. 50.00 (WISKY)
Address: General Borgoño 116, Miraflores. Lima Perú
Phone: (511) 616-9900 anexo 2540
Fax: (511) 616-9920
E-mail: reservas@thunderbirdresorts.com

Tapeos 21

Tapeo Criollo
Anticuchos with thin loin, green creole tamales, humitas sweet, salads and chicharrón of pork belly with mashed sweet potato glaze.
Degustación marina
Causa ceviche fusion, octopus carpaccio, shrimp cocktail and sprawled of shells.
Montadito de chicharrón
Crackling on crusty bread, sweet potatoe purée and creole sauce of peppermint.
Brochetas crocantes teriyaki
Chicken, prawns and pineapple accompanied by teriyaki sauce.
Filet mignon
French style loin with mushrooms mounted on potato discs.
Pimientos del piquillo
Stuffed with seafood dipped in soft Biscayan sauce (based on paprika, peppers and fumet).
Roast beef crêpe
Crêpe stuffed with roast beef, cassé tomatoes, French mustard and gherkin.
Langostinos al panko
Over mashed sweet potato frosting and sweet chili passion fruit sauce.
Maki Furai
Roll fried tuna, avocado and strawberries. Accompanied with taré sauce and passion fruit honey.
Trio de tequeños criollos
Stuffed with spine, chicken chili and Huacho sausage with Andean cheese accompanied with avocado mousse.
Chicharrón de pollo
Fillets of chicken, battered with yellow chili tartar.

Ceviches, tiraditos y causas

Fish marinated in lemon, ají limo, spices, accompanied with sweet potato glaze, corn anise and canchita mountain.
Ceviche mixto
Fish, octopus, prawns, squid, fan shell, celery marinated in lemon, rocoto and spices. Accompanied with glacé sweet potato, anise chop and canchita mountain.
Fine cuts of fish bathed in tiger milk with chili pepper mix.
Tiradito de rocoto y fresas
Fine cuts of fish bathed in tiger milk to rocoto and strawberries.
Conchitas a la parmesana
Marinated in white wine, olive oil, garlic and gratin in Parmesan cheese.
Conchas acevichadas estilo "Capón"
Bathed in oriental tiger milk (Sillao, sesame and kion).
Causa de atún
Stuffed with tomato, avocado and mackerel with fresh tuna.
Causa de pulpo ahumado
Marinated paprika octopus, soft olive sauce and piquillo peppers marmalade.
Causa limeña
Stuffed with tomato, avocado and chicken.

Sweet popeye
Chicken, spinach, lettuce, crispy bacon, hard boiled eggs, raisins, walnuts and apples in honey mustard vinaigrette (olive oil, parmesan cheese and anchovies).
Del chef
Lettuce, spinach, tomato, bacon, guacamole, chicken mushrooms, poached egg and Roquefort vinaigrette.
Grilled tuna loin, coconut potato, red onion, olives, tomato, vainitas and lettuce in balsamic vinaigrette.
Carpaccio de lomo
Lettuce, thin loin, leaves of parmesan, croutons and capers in Genovese pesto vinaigrette (basil, olive oil and Parmesan cheese).
Thunderbird tropical
Organic lettuce, slices of homemade country ham, pineapple, raisins, carrot and balsamic vinegar walnuts praline.

Hungarian soup (stewed style) with thin loin, white potato and paprika with sour cream.
Dieta de pollo
Chicken soup with vegetables, noodles angel hair and creole seasoning.
Chupe de langostinos
Concentrate of prawns, beans, fresh cheese, huacatay, milk, rice and poached egg.
Crema de espárragos
Asparagus, cream, crispy bacon and fresh cheese.
Rice, pasta and grains

Arroz con mariscos
Creamy, cooked in fumet, coral sauce and with our marine mix.
Risotto di funghi e gamberi
Creamy arborel rice with dried mushrooms and prawns.
Ravioles de ossobuco
Homemade fresh pasta stuffed with osobuco, with mushrooms and own sauce.
Tortellini de gorgonzola y peras
Homemade fresh pasta in cream of walnuts and pesto oil Genovés.
Gnocchi a la huancaína
Homemade yellow potato base fresh pasta with bourguignon tenderloin.
Penne rigate al salmone
Italian short pasta, cream of salmon, asparagus and capers.
Quinotto de langostinos
Creamy pearly quinoa with prawns, fresh cheese and huacatay.

Pepper atún
In crust of peppers. Accompanied by risotto to the gardener with avocado.
Atun en costra de quinua golden
Shóyu sauce (saddle, mirin and chancaca) accompanied by Tahi crunchy rice with basil, coconut milk and peanuts.
Pescado en salsa de naranja
Bathed in reduction of sour orange and accompanied by rice.
Pescado a la chorrillano
Grilled fish fillet, dipped in delicious house sauce, mashed over mashed sweet potato glaze and rice with corn.
Trucha a la plancha
In Cusco sauce accompanied with quinoa atamalada.
Pescado "Mar de Grau"
Bathed in flamed seafood with brandy, coral sauce and chicha de jora on cassava mashed.


Lomo saltado flambeado en Pisco acholado
Smoked thin loin with wok, potatoes and fried egg.
Hamburguesa de lomo
On focaccia, emmental cheese, caramelized onion, Greek yogurt dip and French fries.
Pechuga de pollo a la plancha
In sauce three peppers, duchess of yellow potato and asparagus.
Ossobuco de Café 21
Cooked at low temperature in Malbec, on risotto alla parmigiana.
Lomo a la pimienta verde
Grilled tenderloin loin, in soft green pepper sauce accompanied with artichoke risotto.
Pollo a la cazadora
Chicken breast in mushroom and bacon sauce, on yellow potato "Tacu-Tacu"

Children's menu

Filete de pescado a la plancha
With rice and potatoes purée.
Nuggets de pollo
With rice and chips.
Hamburguesa de carne
With cheese and chips.
Spaghetti al alfredo
With ham york.
Macarrones a la boloñesa
With ground beef.

Baguetino Thunderbird
Grilled loin with caramelized onions, French mustard and dambo cheese.
Triple de Media Manaña
Made with hard boiled egg, tomato, avocado and mayonnaise.
Butifarra de la casa
Homemade ham, lettuce and sarsa creole on crusty bread.
Pan con chicharrón
Pork with fried sweet potato and sarsa criolla of peppermint.
Club sandwich 21
Four layers of grilled bread with chicken, mayonnaise, tomato, bacon, egg, ham and cheese.
Sandwich de pollo
Shredded chicken, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, french mustard, apple, celery and honey.
Salmón bagel
Coffee 21 bagel filled with smoked salmon, lettuce, cream cheese and capers.
Pollo saltado
Served on French bread with tomato, onion and lettuce.

Desayuno peruano criollo
Assorted juice, bacon chanarrón, fried sweet potato, tamal with sarsa criolla, tamal with sarza criolla, basket of house breads, coffee, tea or infusion.
Desayuno americano
Orange juice, bacon, eggs to taste, basket of house breads, coffee, tea or infusion.
Desayuno saludable
Natural fruit juice, light yogurt, eggs to taste, whole wheat bread and fruit salad.
Chicharrón de panceta
Served with sweet potatoes and sarsa criolla.
Huevos al gusto
Fried, boiled or scrambled and accompanied with toast.
Omelette Café 21
Ham, cheese or vegetables and accompanied with toast.
Macedonia de frutas
Variety of fresh seasonal fruits with natural yogurt and honey.
Canastilla de panes
Variety of house breads served with butter and jam.


Brownie Café 21
Warm, mashed and accompanied by French vanilla ice cream.
Thunderbird de lúcuma y chocolate
Dessert champion of the "Trophée Passion" Paris-France 2006.
Crème brûlée
Classic with orange aromas.
Crocante de manzana con queso helado
Crispy applesauce stuffed with cinnamon and topped with homemade icecream ice cream.
Passion fruit cheesecake
Passionfruit cheesecake accompanied with white chocolate sauce.
Crêpe suchard
Crêpe stuffed with French vanilla ice cream with praline, choco chips, fudge and whipped cream.
Layers of moistened biscuits in coffee and mascarpone cheese cream.
Helado de 2 bolas
Ice cream balls to your preference, fudge and served in crisp tulip.
Helado de 3 bolas
Ice cream balls to your liking, fudge and served in crisp tulip.


Natural juice, strawberry juice, assorted juice, tea or infusions, chocolate, soda.
Central Reservation: (511) 616-3141
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